Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Small Miracle

I walk on the beach with my dog and a mug of tea most mornings. This morning my face lit up as I watched a little girl - no more than a baby - picking dandelions and blowing off the seeds. She was totally delighted and sharing every puff and giggle with her young father - who was right there with her. Every single atom of her being was connected to her present moment and her delight. She looked as though she felt totally loved and safe and at peace. I watched her for a little while and imagine my pleasure when, as I eventually walked past her, she engaged me with clear eyes and shared her delight with me and showed me how to blow seeds off a dandelion clock!

What a wonderful gift. In that moment I saw the whole world through her eyes - I was 'one' with her. With my little girl inside me. With my mom. With my children. With every single one of us.

For me, those moments of newness and connection are so precious and are glimpses of the peace that we can recreate… ReBuild. Those moments are reminders to me of what I - we all? - forget when we 'grow up'...