Thursday, November 20, 2008

Light The Night Walk for Leukemia

Hello! We walked for little Jobe - and my beautiful friend Rosanne too who was with us - this year and last year. She's a survivor (we're searching high and low for a new term instead of that one? If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them...) Survivors caried white balloons. We had red ones and there were gold balloons to commemorate those who are no longer with us. Events like this really help - not only in the money they raise but just because 'they're there'... I chatted with a father who was there with his wife and 2 other kids while their young daughter was in hospital undergoing her second round of chemotherapy. They were so glad to have somewhere to go where they felt they could go... They just felt too 'shell shocked' to be anywhere else... I was very happy to be there. After the walk - and 5km is a long way when you're still recovering - we partied with a firedancer (above) and music and snacks... Thank you very much to all the generous folks who sponsored us - we really appreciated it. Here are some photos:

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