Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joyeux Noel

Hi from Julie! We don't have another guest blogger lined up until 2009 so... It gives me a chance to catch up and acknowledge the sheer volume of 'stuff' that happened in 2008... A great website that was just a vague idea in 2007 was started; wonderful people are offering their help; my son has been working flat out... Thank you to Thomas, Marilyn, Rose, Scott, Mahmud, Pablo, Adele, Esmee, Hilary, Daniel and Cobe, Carolyn, Jim and Sheila and all the names I forgot to add here of people whose help is priceless. And thanks Cobe for the very first precious cup of Cobe-tea!

Just before Christmas I saw a movie - Joyeux Noel - which is a true story of something that happened in 1914 in the cold, muddy filth of the World War I trenches: soldiers from Germany, France and Scotland put down their weapons - literally - and celebrated, played soccer and drank coffee together on Christmas Eve/Day. They also buried their dead. Friendships formed but, tragically, the generals (governments?) separated these 'real' soldiers - who were no longer quite so happy to kill each other - and redeployed them.

My dream is for Peace forever among all Nations of the World - a bit lofty but a very real dream because I see ordinary people of all colours and faiths working happily together and I wonder who it is that's pulling them apart again?

Over the holidays I also watched (had to!) several documentaries about the underprivileged, power, greed and violence... And whilst 'ordinary criminals' have been found technically guilty, there is quite a bit of evidence that points towards government involvement. What's really going on here? Again, I can't help but wonder... And pray for strength to 'stay true' - whatever the temptation - for all of us - particularly governments - in the future.

I also watched some great videos from Gregg Braden (thanks Thomas) and the Science of Miracles which are amazing and worth watching (there are 7 parts). Many people are familiar with these ideas but Gregg's explanations seemed beautifully clear to me? - Click Here...

I would like to wish everyone a Successful and Peaceful 2009 and hope that this holiday season was one of family reunion and visits with good friends for you. I look forward to more fabulous guest bloggers in 2009 - and thank you again to this year's guest bloggers for your great posts in 2008.

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