Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been slow and infrequent at posting new blogposts - several reasons but no real excuse... I can never get the photos loaded properly? So many things happen every day and it's quicker and easier to Twitter! Which I do too since our last blog - and we've gained over 400 followers since then! Yay! On Sunday I had 3 guests sitting drinking coffee and eating omelettes on my deck - sheer heaven. Martin Guay of Total Biology was here with my good friends Marilyn and Rose. Rose brought her hoop! Rose has used the hoop to recover her health after a long and very nasty bout with cancer - and can do tricks as you can see! And Marilyn amazed everyone - including herself! - by keeping the hoop going for ages - despite severe myelopathy. Her core strength was fabulous - we think because of pilates. Hooping is great for fitness and it improves co-ordination and general stamina and health. Exercise is one of the most important things when you ReBuild - along with everything else! The difference in the quality of life and the speed of healing is huge - I notice immediately if I slack off! Pilates, ball classes, dancing (salsa, bachata and ballroom this week!), HOOPING, hiking up a mountain (small one!) and walking on the beach are just some of what we've been doing between us. Ooooo! I want to add that I've been doing my 'other' exercises too?! Check out this great video of Jack Lalanne, now over 94 and healthy... It makes me cry with laughter, I just love it! Now if I stop here and keep my blogs short they'll be easier to read and easier to post too! With love, Julie

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