Thursday, March 20, 2008

A moment of elation!

I wish I could slow down time. (Yeah, yeah, yeah...) Many ReBuilders (according to my OT, most of us) have a problem with speed and time and getting everything on our lists done. Time management. Our brains scheme and plan at the same rate as they did before they were injured. And like idiots we let our brains tell us what to do!

After twenty years I have still not managed to get it through to my brain that we HAVE to go a bit slower so 'I' can keep up. The result of this, need I say, is boring old fatigue. I always think though, that if I finally 'get there' - wherever 'there' is - it might just mean that 'the scary end' is right round the corner? And that's how I justify being out of sync... On the other hand, maybe I need to apply the same, clean 'parenting' principals that the books say I should try on my kids (rarely do I get that right either...) and tell my brain that 'now we will go slower'. And that's it. No argument. I'm the boss...

But back to the elation bit... I was delighted and very surprised on Friday to learn from my brilliant (I'm allowed to say that cos I'm English!) business coach that I might indeed have a good business idea after all! Yay!! I was just about to throw in the towel. All I need now is the energy to follow through on 'the big plan' (and finish it)... When I read it I can easily see 4 full-time jobs in there!

But... One step - and one stage - at a time. Slow down and breathe... Which is exactly what I want for my clients sometimes? Funny that...
I wonder if it's boringly obvious to everyone else? I find it very difficult to take my own advice! Building a business really is similar to ReBuilding your life - in so many 'practical' ways.

Just totally different...

As my sweetheart mum - and our good friend Vahan
in the 70's - would say "Take it easy. But take it!"

Have a yellow-daffodils-blowing-in-the-breeze-and-chocolate-filled-Easter... I love this time of year!

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